Current Projects __

Tiki Coladas
The web comic, debuted on-line May 1, 2005 and focuses on one man’s ability to keep his sanity amongst the mayhem and antics during Happy Hour at his trendy hot spot club “Tiki Coladas”. Tiki Coladas appears Monday through Friday.

Space Cops (Coming Soon in 2008.)
A Sc-Fi action comedy centered on two cops from different worlds partnered up to serve and protect the galaxy from a group of alien terrorists bent on universal domination.

Annabelle and Oliver (Coming Soon in Fall of 2008. )
A fantasy adventure story about a boy from a broken home named Oliver that meets a strange and misunderstood girl named Annabelle with a similar family background. Oliver escapes his troubled life by experiencing imaginative and magical adventures brought on by the humble and mysterious Annabelle.

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