About PBS

Purple Box Studios was founded by cartoonist and animator Jonathan Caustrita in 2008. Jonathan has a background in character design, graphics, storyboards and animation and has worked on several commercial projects including The Family Guy, The Land Before Time, Berenstain Bears, Maisy, Surfer Joe, Day of the Dead, The Peppered Leopard, Heroes Of Might and Magic 4, Jacked and Army Men. 

Purple Box Studios houses the hit web strip “Tiki Coladas” on-line Monday through Friday. Upcoming projects include the sci-fi action comedy strip “Space Cops” and a children’s fantasy adventure book titled Annabelle and Oliver.

The Studio offers an online store featuring products from the Tiki Coladas web strip such as plush toys, a 160 page full color book titled Tiki Coladas: Year One! and t-shirts.

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